Nine Fare Society: Cracks + Lights

Simply put, I want to go to a beautiful place with beautiful people and talk, eat, drink, and open up. I want to build new sanctuaries that burn once we leave and I want to fall in love with everyone I come into contact with while there. We’ll talk about Chimamanda’s work and our own failed relationships. We’ll share poetry and hang our own art on the walls. We’ll know the first names of our chef’s children and we’ll take long walks down roads with no hills.

Five years ago, Vernon Anderson and I were on a bus to New York City to attend one of Malcolm [Heron] Jones’ infamous birthday gatherings that brought together some of the most amazing people. The weekend we were heading into would send us all home worn out, frazzled, but also alive and rebuilt. It’s something about sharing space with good energy, isn’t it?

“I want to bring people together whose paths would otherwise never cross and see what conversations we’d start, what art would be created once we departed, and what would change in the world,” I wrote in a note on my phone. “Bringing together some of the most brilliant minds, amazing artists, and dope adventurers is all I want to do,” I told Vernon.

I want to put the poet in a debate with the chef over race and politics, over a plate of ackee and salt fish, sitting across from the activist and the professor who’re discussing their favorite Ted Talk and Trap Music artist.

Our inaugural Nine Fare Society was amazing! This is one you don’t want to miss.

Twice a year, I invite nine (9) people whose paths should cross to join me for 4 days of eating, discourse, love, positivity, growth, and camaraderie.

I’ve traveled the world and slept and ate in places that would spark dope conversations, play great host to our diversity, and provide a beautiful backdrop to everything we create. Best of all, we’ll be unplugged from society, with no phones and no internet access. Literally, “we’re all we got.”

Are You Coming?

When: May 4 – 7 (Full Days)
Where: Secret Location Until Acceptance (Passport Required)
Cost: $400 (Includes: Lodging & Food & Activities – Payment Plan Available)

Side Note: We will do all we can to ensure that roundtrip tickets from most major cities to our location are reasonably priced, and can also help you find good deals.

Application Deadline January 26, 2018
Notification Date: February 5, 2018

Our Mission

To create discourse, art, and relationships over plates and adventure.

Before You Apply, Understand:

1. Passport Required.
2. $100 Non-Refundable Deposit required within 1 week of acceptance.

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“I’m interested in people’s darker side, the ones that aren’t easy and well balanced. The cracks.” ― Noomi Rapace

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