Hugh’s Room in Toronto is Underrated

When I was in Toronto, I had the pleasure of going to a fabulous place called Hugh’s Room. Hugh’s Room is a live entertainment supper club, with full restaurant and bar facilities. They offer a wide array of musical artists and genres and the atmosphere is lovely.

Before I get into the menu or the music, let me talk about the staff. I grew up in the south, Atlanta, GA and Jacksonville, FL, so I appreciate some good hospitality. That’s what you get when you walk in the door of Hugh’s Room. The staff is kind, friendly, and welcoming. All of them, from the host who greeted everyone at the front door to the busboy who cleaned off the table after our meal. That’s a model all businesses need to adopt.

The food is quite diverse. Whatever your desire, you can find something appetizing. They have many meat dishes. Lots of vegetarian dishes. If you want to keep it light and have only soup, appetizers, or salad, there is a great selection of those too. They also have a wide variety of desserts. Most importantly, at least to me, some wonderful options for cocktails. You can even put in a special request for a particular mixed drink you have in mind. The bartender is awesome.

The lineup of artists was fabulous. Most of them are jazz artists, and they are quite talented. They often are featured at some of the Toronto festivals, some of whom I enjoyed while listening to a local Internet radio station. You do need a reservation though, as it’s a popular venue for locals and tourists alike. It was the highlight of my trip. Check out the Hugh’s Room Internet site, and be sure to visit them on your trip to Toronto. You’ll be glad you did.

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