The Free Trip

Passport Required is all about going into the unknown and
experiencing whatever meets us while there.

Since 2015, we’ve gone to over 50 world locations, connected
with over 2,000 strangers-turned-friends, danced in 19 rain showers, and eaten guinea pigs, baby goat pancreas, cow brains, and chicken wings. As we move into another year, we’re doing all we can to make sure others experience the joys we have. After all, Passport Required adventures are forms of care. And with that, we have this free trip just for you! The only catch: you have to bring at least three people with you.

How These Trips Work (Required Reading)

You’re ready to go into the world with some of those people who bring smiles and joy your way. You’re ready to head into Destination:Unknown and do strange things! And we’re here to help make it happen.

So, how does it work? You’re wondering if there is a catch. Well, sure there is. But not really. You need only 3 great friends to go with you. Their cost is the same as a regular Passport Required trip (avg. 1600 – Flight & Lodging Included), and your trip is free.

  1. Email Us @ PassportREQ@Gmail.Com, telling us you’re ready to get started.
  2. We Set Up Your Trip.
  3. You Pay $50 Refundable Deposit (Refunded After Signups Are Complete. Not Refunded Otherwise).
  4. We Create The Group Communication Channel.
  5. Experience One Of The Most Incredible Trips Ever With Your Closest Folks!

This is your trip, but we’ll be doing all the work.

Q. Where Are We Going?

A. Destination: Unknown. You will know 4 days before departure.

Q. Are Monies Refundable?

A. No. So Make Sure You Are Going!