Admittedly, I'm such a creep when I travel. Since falling in love with Robert Doisneau's 1950 "Le

Neither of us packed properly for early Spring in Marrakech, me in shorts and a thin

To answer your other questions: No, cheetahs and Giraffes don't roam the city, and yes, the

I love walking to the baggage claim and seeing lovers waiting for their lovers and families

I asked "where can I get the best tattoo," and a few minutes later, I was

I'm a people person. At home and in the world. I arrived in Bogotá and immediately

Uber foolery, drinking new local liquors that taste like black jelly beans, and partying far too

“When you see someone putting on his Big Boots, you can be pretty sure that an

We arrived in Bogota, tired, worn, but very hungry and very ready to see a few