Our Story

Vision: Wayfaring into world destinations unknown will bring incredible camaraderie,
uncharted peace, and full laughter to backpackers, explorers, wanderers, magic bean buyers, and those in search of something more.

Mission: Connect the world. Ease regret.

Founder, Darnell Lamont Walker

At the intersection of my love for travel, writing, food, cultural exchange, art, and turning strangers to friends is Passport Required. It was a short conversation then a long night of conceptualizing that began this company. It’s the travelers who dare to leave their comfort zones and the travelers who continue pushing the envelope who keep this company going.

And yeah, if you’re offering me a job that allows me to travel + eat, I’ll take it.

If You Are Not Brave, Say You Are, Then Come With Us

More about Darnell Lamont Walker

Darnell Lamont Walker, founder and artist, sips old fashioneds and tequila tonics in hostel kitchens around the world. Find him there.

Do a lot of living before you die.

With nothing but a backpack of clothes, a smile, and an adventurous spirit, we are doing everything we can to leave no room for regret in our carry-on.

One little company is making backpacking cheaper

“Passport Required will plan an all-inclusive backpacking trip for you. But Darnell Lamont Walker isn’t trying to make buck. He’s trying to start a movement.” – GQ Magazine

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