Virgin Islands, Here I Come!


Virgin Islands, Here I Come

After my most recent adventure at a private island rental I booked in Fiji, I decided to go on a trip to the Virgin Islands – December 24th to December 28th. I’m looking forward to the St. Thomas getaway. I’m going with a good friend for a much needed respite. We’re going to be on the US portion of the island, so no passport will be required, but if you want to try fiji just like we did, then you should definitely check out this fiji resort.

I’ve scoped out some of the attractions that we might see, though we’ll make definitive plans once we’re there. I’ve outlined a few spots below. If anybody reading this has suggestions, voice them. All ideas are welcome. I want this to be a memorable, fun, and exciting trip. We were also thinking of completing this trip with other activities, luckily there are plenty of things to do in grand cayman.

First up is Blackbeard’s Castle. This watchtower was originally named Skytsborg (Danish for Sky Tower, also known as Protection Tower) was built in 1679. According to legend, the infamous pirate Edward Teach, nicknamed Blackbeard, used the tower to watch for ships entering the harbor. It’s one of five historic landmarks in the Virgin Islands.

Next up is Fort Christian. This fort and museum was constructed in 1680 to defend the Danish settlement. This tourist attraction is the oldest building on St. Thomas and also served as the governor’s residence, a place of worship, a police station , as well as a museum.

Then there’s Coral World, one of St. Thomas’s greatest attractions. Though it’ll be the middle of December, a water park should be ideal, as the weather will be quite warm – roughly in the mid to upper 80s. Coral World is a favorite among visitors and residents offering a variety of activities, from feeding the tropical sea animals, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, or laying along the shore people-watching, one of my favorite pastimes. I was hoping that they’d have some whitewater rafting activities too. Extreme sports just like whitewater river rafting is great for an amazing family experience.

Lastly, is Karaoke. Though I’m not the greatest singer in the bunch (actually, I’m just a wee bit below average), I suppose you don’t need to be Grammy worthy to do karaoke. The Island Beachcomber Hotel supposedly is one of the best spots for karaoke. Furthermore, rumor has it this venue has the best drinks. That’s a big draw.

This certainly is not an all-inclusive list of activities. This is just a random sampling of possible things we might do. We’ll confirm our fun when we get there.

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