Every March, I fly to Charlottesville, Virginia to see Dr. Mann, my hematologist, in the Emily

This post is about drugs and travel and living by the “when in Rome” mantra. But

I'm cheap, I travel far and wide, and I survive out there for as long as

“How are you traveling so much? You must have a lot of money to waste!” “Sit down

Like Daddy Fat Sacks, I’d just puffed a whole order of that Presidential, my heart was

The Thing About Flying Standby. Patience, as the cliché goes, is a virtue. Get to the airport

Folks are flooding the streets and stadium seats in Rio to watch the runners, jumpers, throwers,

Dear People Who Always Say They’re Going, But Back Out At The Last Minute: Stop doing that.

Dying from blood clots in my lungs and maybe traveling to my heart and brain is