This Is Only The Beginning

Hailing from a background where both my parents believed that all of their children are truly exceptional, I have tried my best to push this ideal to the limits. I firmly believe that we, as people, should always be in a state of personal growth and development. With that being stated, a quote comes to mind, “Why shoot for the moon when there are galaxies yet discovered?”

A few months ago, I found myself in a bit of a career rut and eagerly desired change. As I applied for virtually hundreds of job listings, I noticed a position in my desired field in Singapore. I honestly thought at the  time, “why not apply? You already have a passport.” So here I am, four months later, in Singapore and I must say, this is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing with my own eyes.

When one first lands in Singapore, you can smell the change in the air. By this, I don’t mean figuratively, I mean, YOU CAN SMELL THE CHANGE IN THE AIR! As I took the taxi with Uncle (that’s what the male taxi drivers are commonly referred to as) he was extremely pleasant and genuinely happy. Once I arrived to my hotel, at 1:30am, he knew I was a bit lost and walked me into the lobby and ensured I was okay before taking off insisting on my well being as I’m new to Asia.
The next day, I did as much sight seeing as one can do while the sun was out and all I kept thinking was “Wow!” This city has so many architectural structures that rivals some modern marvels. This made my little heart happy as I love architecture. I talked with my father on my journey and he told me that I have to see the Merlion, Singapores famed water fountain originally made from toothpaste, sand and shells. Once I found him (the Merlion) I noticed he must have had a facelift but I was nonetheless impressed and felt a connection with my father who is now 10,000 plus miles away because I have now seen through my eyes what he saw almost forty years ago. Since then, I have traveled to many different cities throughout Asia and will only add to this list.

I must add and close with an extremely humble Thank You to Darnell Walker. He was a good friend of my sister’s who recently and unexpectedly passed away. As much as she spoke of him to me and me to him, we didn’t have an opportunity to connect for quite some time. Just weeks before her passing, me and Darnell finally had the opportunity to speak and exchange information. Without meeting Darnell and allowing him to update my resume, none of this would be possible. So again, thank you, Darnell. You haven’t heard the last of me!! (Insert evil laugh here)

Darnell Lamont Walker, a self-professed traveling foodie, has been found sitting at tables eating baby goat sweetbreads, drinking tequila, and laughing loudly with strangers. The writer, filmmaker, artist, and sometimes photographer puts happiness above all.