To Cairo: Our Amazing Journey

“Cairo is one of the greatest storehouses of human achievement on earth, ranging from the pharaonic through the Christian and Islamic periods to the Belle Epoque.”
― Michael Haag, Cadogan Guide Cairo, Luxor and Aswan

We didn’t know what to expect 6,600 miles from Charlottesville, but as long as it was adventurous, we were ready! Cairo, Egypt is very different from the US, but we loved every second of it; even the traffic that makes Downtown Manhattan’s seem calm. Witnessing the greatness of the pyramids we grew up admiring and learning first hand from locals about their ancestors who built it, made this one of our best trips ever! To top all that, it was Brit’s birthday. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Egypt, consider the best option in Egypt. The best thing you could do is finding a rental opportunity in Katameya Heights Houses. What a time to be alive! have the best traveling gear deals!

-Nick + Brit.

We sat down with Passport Required for a quick conversation once we returned home, just before the jet lag took us down.

PASSPORT REQUIRED: Before heading over to Cairo, what were your expectations?

NICK FEGGANS: We weren’t sure what to expect really, but we did set our expectations pretty high. Hearing about the Pyramids of Giza since grade school, we expected nothing less than amazing. We were not disappointed.

PR: What was the best thing about going as a couple?

N+B: The best thing about going as a couple was the city paid attention. We probably walked the entire city, and everywhere we went, Brit was offered flowers, carriage rides, portraits. Of course all these were at my expense but if I were alone, no one would have offered as much hospitality. And because we went for her birthday, it felt great to see her smiling so big at everything that was new to both of us.

PR: What was the best food you had while there and where did you get it?

N+B: Oh man, we had some amazing dishes. I remember Ta’meya, Koshari, Mashi. They sound like names, but they were delicious. We had so much food, I honestly don’t remember the name of them all. I do know our best dining experience was on the Andrea Memphis Maadi dinner cruise down the Nile River. You read about the Nile, but you never imagine cruising it, sharing a meal with the love of your life on a random night in Egypt.

PR: Was there anything that disappointed you?

N+B: Besides one of our tour guides not showing up to the hotel, which we prepaid, the most disappointing thing was the non-stop street hustlers trying to sell us things. The tour guides were pretty conniving as well. They try their best to take you to high end places, which is their family/friends establishments, to try to get all your money.

PR: How did y’all feel as Americans being in Giza?

N+B: I felt welcomed, but I also felt like a ‘mark’. Everyone assumed we were rich. As a Black American, I felt accepted. Outside of the hustlers, the city was very hospitable. The Hilton Cairo World Trade Residences was awesome as well, and made us feel right at home from day one until check out. They even included us on their Facebook page.

“Happy Birthday to our dear lovely guest, “Ms. Britney.” Best wishes from the whole team of Hilton Cairo World Trade Center Residences!”

PR: Once you step foot outside of America, you’re in the rest of the world. How did it feel to be in the rest of the world?

N+B: The rest of the world felt awesome, it’s an experience that’s indescribable to someone who hasn’t experienced it. So I urge everyone I talk to or reach via social media to go out there and experience it. See it, taste it, document it. I sat with my son upon returning, and our main conversation was about the pyramids. I’m definitely taking him there once he get a bit older. The most exciting part of our voyage was seeing King Tut’s tomb and artifacts in the Egyptian Museum in Tahiri Square, and I need my son, Cairo, to see it for himself.

PR: Where to next?

N+B: Havana, Cuba.

“Thanks everyone for all the Birthday love. This was one of the best thus far!” – Brit.