Traveling For Sex: Where To Go & Not Crossing Lines

heading-south-vers-le-sud-0Because there are some people who are okay with owning others and some who are okay with being owned, her husband doesn’t allow her to travel anymore with her travel group because he read someplace on a Yahoo article about sex tourism that travel groups are less about the culture of the countries and more about the fucking. I felt sorry for her for the prison that’s been built around her, then laughed, remembering my time in Morocco when I met a married woman from Kansas who told me about the travel group she joined for the sole purpose of being ravished by Ghanaian and Nigerian men at least twice a year “for obvious reasons.”

Hell, even a recent trip to Jaco Beach Hotel & Casino in Costa Rica proved that weddings rings were cool and all, but sex with hookers is better. I kid I kid. Me and my friends showed up solely for drinks, unaware of what the place was actually for, but the 100’s of working girls in there had other ideas. I almost bought one a drink, thinking she was really into me, but then she said, “You take me back to your place. I’m cheap and my p*ssy is tight like a baby.” And suddenly nothing seemed proper. I walked out and went for food down the street. A baby?! GTFOH!

Sex happens and it’s amazing and, if done right, can make you change the date of your return departure. And nothing’s wrong colombiawith it if you’re being responsible adults with a great degree of morality and a respect for the righteous laws of the country. I have friends who proudly post photos of their Tinder, Bumble, POF, Grindr, Jack’d, Facebook, and Couchsurfing conquests. Whatever positions they found themselves in and whatever acts they performed, they all seem to return home ready to take on the world. One actually came home engaged. Nothing’s wrong with it, until you tiptoe over that sometimes blurry line.

Sex Tourism, defined by Passport Required, is traveling to engage in sexual activity with fetishized locals, usually prostitutes.
child-abuseYes, there is a line. Showing up in Amsterdam and meeting a woman on Tinder who consents to sex with you is a lot different than showing up in Amsterdam and visiting a brothel where women are trafficked regularly. Don’t cross that line. Of course it’s hard to ask a prostitute if she’s being trafficked, isn’t it? So use you better judgment if you’re gonna go for the sex worker. A very visible line appears for those who travel to countries to take advantage of the lack of restrictions on sexual activity, such as child sex, which happens to be a multi-billion dollar industry involving over 2 million children worldwide.

Side Note (Because I wasn’t sure where to insert this): While I’m talking shit about sex work, it’s important to know that it is how some men and women who sell their goods make a living. So you may be contributing to keeping crime low or feeding a child or a pet or keeping a wife happy.

In a nutshell, (1) try avoiding prostitution all together, and (2) k*ll the pedophiles.

Learn local laws! You should be doing that anyway! But especially in regards to sex. Hell, butt sex or even kissing may get you stoned in some places.

But if you’re traveling to cure that thirst you can’t seem to find a hometown guy or gal to cure for you, this post is for you.

Countries For Women (That Have Been Known To Satisfy):
Dominican Republic
Thailand (stop acting surprised)
Costa Rica

Countries For Men:
Dominican Republic
Everywhere Really
Costa Rica

Finding available genitals can be as easy as finding a knockoff bag or watch. Just ask. Uber drivers sometimes double as an unofficial city concierges. They know where to all the goodness. Just ask.

A Few Notes/Rules I Wish I Didn’t Have To Share With You, But You May Be An Idiot:
1. No babymaking allowed.
2. They don’t love you. Do not propose.
3. You are not Stella and he is not Winston.
4. If you’re paying more than $20, you’re paying too much.
5. If your travel group is a secret front for travel sex, make sure everyone in the group has something to lose if anyone finds out about y’all.
6. Always assume any photo you take will leak.
7. You might get robbed. Only carry a few bucks and an expired driver’s license.

So, hey! Go out there into the world and have amazing sex, delete necessary photos on the flight home, and keep clinic numbers handy just in case.


Darnell Lamont Walker, a self-professed traveling foodie, has been found sitting at tables eating baby goat sweetbreads, drinking tequila, and laughing loudly with strangers. The writer, filmmaker, artist, and sometimes photographer puts happiness above all.