In Reykjavik, Iceland, Melissa jotted the gems I’ve been waiting for since the day she told

While we borrowed “gesundheit” to mean good health when someone sneezes, it translates into health and

We walked down Cora Berliner Strasse, hungry. It was a Sunday with a sky I felt

You know those moments when you’re starving, the food is finally brought to your table and

“How are you traveling so much? You must have a lot of money to waste!” “Sit down

Today I found myself on my couch sipping some coffee before work. I woke up a

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, many of us here in the US are planning some alcohol

A few months ago, I kicked a tenant out of my South African apartment because he

Arriving in Zanzibar was unlike anything I had ever seen. The airport was so small I could see