While we borrowed “gesundheit” to mean good health when someone sneezes, it translates into health and

I'm cheap, I travel far and wide, and I survive out there for as long as

A native man sang in a foreign tongue / I still ache to know the song

I thought we’d breeze through the rest of 2018 without another bad review, but I forgot

Because 'tis the season, it rained everyday for a few minutes or a few hours, the

As we approach year three, we find it amazing that only 5 of our 95 travelers

Today I found myself on my couch sipping some coffee before work. I woke up a

Arriving in Zanzibar was unlike anything I had ever seen. The airport was so small I could see

12 Strangers + Destination: Unknown + Living Our Best Life = Passport Required. Come with me to