Our First Bad Review: + The No Fly List

As we approach year three, we find it amazing that only 5 of our 95 travelers have been added to our infamous, almost-completely private No Fly List. Actually, that’s a lie; we find it absolutely insane that 5 people have actually behaved so foolishly on what was an amazing trip for everyone else in attendance that they had to be banned from every experiencing such greatness again.

Tiffany Key

While most of the folk on the No Fly List have accepted responsibilities for their actions and have since apologized for their wrongdoings and misunderstandings, there is one who decided that taking ownership of the f*ck up doesn’t sit well with her and she took to the internet to leave a not-so-cool review. What she didn’t know is that at the time the review came in, I was pondering how I’d write a post to encourage those who want to travel with Passport Required to make sure it’s for them. Well, Tiffany Key, perfect timing!

We at Passport Required (and Darnell Lamont Walker in his own life) believe that everything done publicly must be handled publicly. Here’s the handling.

The Review:

Before Signing Up For A Trip:
1. Read the entire signup page. Click the links we have listed that ask if you’re aware of how Passport Required works, and what’s included with your price.
2. If you have any questions whatsoever, you are encouraged to contact us over here at Passport Required to clarify.

The Sign Up:

Tiffany’s Signup Questionnaire:

More? Sure.

Causing Problems For Others:
After signing up for the trip, Tiffany convinced her friend to also sign up. The bad news is that she convinced her friend that the trip was going to Antarctica as well. Once the friend discovered we weren’t, she decided to not attend:

She Could Have Backed Out Early:
After the courteous refund to the friend, Passport Required contacted Tiffany to see if she always wanted to back out of the trip:

As you see, Tiffany agreed to stay on the trip. That was June 14. As a group, we all sent Tiffany messages and DM’s over the next month+, but with absolutely no response whatsoever via email, GroupMe, or text message:

The Response Eventually Came:
Tiffany finally responded on July 22, asking bluntly which gate she’d be flying out of. So when she says the group was “cliquish,” it’s merely because everyone spent over a month getting to know each other, laughing, meeting up outside of the trip, and enjoying each other. Coming in as a cold stranger, of course you’re not an immediate part of the in-crowd.

The Problem At The Lodging:
There was a small snafu. Because our original trip leader, Gary, was no longer able to lead the trip, our amazing friend, Deidra, stepped in and did a fantastic job. Sadly, we overlooked switching the credit cards and when the group arrived in Iceland, there was a payment issue. But it was handled while the group ate lunch and they returned to the lodging with no issues. Tiffany sent a DM saying she’s be flying back home immediately (yes, on the same day she landed), and asked for a refund. By now, you can imagine how negative the energy surrounding her was, so getting her out of there without a snag was desired by us and by the other travelers. As a courtesy, we sent her $38. Check the following:

That was July 26 and it was our last correspondence. Not even a response to my last message. Today, August 25th, the review came.

All that to say this:
1. Everything stated in the review is problematic.
2. If you are a traveler or person like Tiffany Key, we ask that you keep your energy away from Passport Required.
3. Reading is absolutely fundamental.
4. Once Tiffany left, the other travelers had the time of their life and are currently looking forward to other Passport Required trips and we sure hope to see the rest of you out there in the world with us!
5. Our customer service has been superb. However, it won’t work if communication is only coming from US.
6. Follow Darnell’s private IG Page: @CleverBastard (Thanks, Tiffany for the reminder).
7. Using “off the beaten path” and “cheapest” as an insult proves again Tiffany didn’t read what she says she did…Those are compliments. Hell, Passport Required’s trips are for the adventurous, positive spirits. Thank You!
8. We’ve responded directly to Tiffany, letting her know that a public response was going to happen as a direct result to her public review in order to provide some transparency to our hopefully-future travelers.
9. To the travelers who had to put up with the negativity all the way from the US to Iceland and took it like champs: Again, we’re sorry and we’re glad you had such an amazing time!

Real Reviews:
Click HERE to check out reviews from folks who did Passport Required properly.

As for the other 4 folks who are no longer allowed to travel with Passport Required…well…they’ve apologized and we don’t need to speak on them again.

Hope you enjoyed the transparency.

Darnell Lamont Walker, a self-professed traveling foodie, has been found sitting at tables eating baby goat sweetbreads, drinking tequila, and laughing loudly with strangers. The writer, filmmaker, artist, and sometimes photographer puts happiness above all.


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