I felt the kind of connection to South Africa no one should feel when they are

To You (On This Postcard): was convinced no one knew about the small Italian town she

As we approach year three, we find it amazing that only 5 of our 95 travelers

Arriving in Zanzibar was unlike anything I had ever seen. The airport was so small I could see

12 Strangers + Destination: Unknown + Living Our Best Life = Passport Required. Come with me to

What could easily be a pickup line from the slightly above average man to the regular-degular

I watched a pickpocket work the crowd in the Champs-Élysées McDonalds in 2013, stealing watches, wallets,

Bring snacks This is absolutely essential. Before you leave town, stock up on easy-to-carry healthy(ish) emergency snacks.

Neither of us packed properly for early Spring in Marrakech, me in shorts and a thin