Go To London.

An 8PM straight flight from Los Angeles to London Town was much needed. No rushing, and I was able to say goodbye to all the folks who mean something and were available that day. Well, most of them. Even some who weren’t so significant.

Crystal Marie Grant looked out on the pancake tip, and G hooked up the transportation. Hell, even Valerie was able to bring her pregnant ass to the Subway restaurant by LAX to say her goodbyes. All was awesome.

I hated London, but outside of the USD meaning nothing, I’ve never really been able to say why. Rubbish! I LOVE London now. I came prepared, and made friends before even buckling my seat on the other side of the Atlantic, quite close to the Pacific.

I’m here for an amazing writing program and I was unsure of who I’d be meeting in the class, so I made sure to make friends outside of those walls, to ensure a great trip.

An amazing way to make friends it to hop on Couchsurfing.Com and accessing their message boards, and finding the people who are always willing to go for drinks. If they’re anything like me they’re more than willing to barhop with you.

Thank you, Tawa for showing me where to find cheap jeans, and Nerijusfor eating McDonalds with me at 5am, and Michael the Colombian food, the wines, the porridge, the goat milk, and for hooking me up with the couch for the night because I didn’t plan the hostels properly.

Brixton! Come to London and come to Brixton. It’s Brooklyn, but smaller! Sully would fall in love here with the man who sells incense by the Tube Station, and Deundre would find the threads he needs to get that perfect 1974-like photo.

And of course I’m always pro hostel because I’m pro living out! Great people can be found on the top or bottom bunk.


It’s dark earlier now. Take the Tube to Vauxhall and walk down the road and take a stroll along the River Thames, taking in the lights, and the House of Parliament, and the Eye. We must have walked 10 miles the other night, feet hurting, but the 10pence croissants and biscuits were well worth it. And the food from BananaTree. Wow! London!

Camden Town! See the Amy Winehouse statue, and kiss her on the cheek. Don’t fear Ebola. Stop by an empty bar with your friends and ask them to play some old Etta James and something you’d hear on your granddad’s favorite movie.

On the way from Camden, though, as my train was pulling into a station we heard a scream. The doors open, and I look out and a man stopped a woman from jumping in front of the train. On the bench was her purse and a suicide note. We waited until help came and took her away from the station. Wow.

In the words of Marian Mereba: Go To London!

I’m loving it. I leave Sunday and so much more to see.

Other places to make great friends:

– Grocery store: My accent made the cashier ask where I was from. She’ll be in LA in May and I’ll be playing tour guide.
– Dating Apps & Sites: Some people are on there looking for friends as well.

Darnell Lamont Walker, a self-professed traveling foodie, has been found sitting at tables eating baby goat sweetbreads, drinking tequila, and laughing loudly with strangers. The writer, filmmaker, artist, and sometimes photographer puts happiness above all.