The Place: Forgive me for these notes of a version of paradise that will never be

John Denver left us one of the most beautiful songs ever written, sung, and covered by

Norman, a great friend, foodie, and photographer from the Philippines, says, “you know the soul of

.p>"I promise this is about travel. Stick with me. Sophomore year at Bethune-Cookman, I was sitting

Every March, I fly to Charlottesville, Virginia to see Dr. Mann, my hematologist, in the Emily

I'm cheap, I travel far and wide, and I survive out there for as long as

“How are you traveling so much? You must have a lot of money to waste!” “Sit down

As we get older, the most valuable things we have are the memories we accumulate from

1. Never allow space for negativity - again. Ever. If you’ve traveled with others as often as