The Place: Forgive me for these notes of a version of paradise that will never be

Norman, a great friend, foodie, and photographer from the Philippines, says, “you know the soul of

A native man sang in a foreign tongue / I still ache to know the song

I live to eat. Most of everything I do in life, especially my travels, is based

Fact: I will eat anything, excluding pork, at least three times. Yes, three times. The first

Bring snacks This is absolutely essential. Before you leave town, stock up on easy-to-carry healthy(ish) emergency snacks.

Oh the mighty mighty works of Before arriving in Montreal, as I do before going

Paris, France American Ouais: 6 Rue Mabillon, Paris, France 75006 Paris. My stomach is often an iron tank,

As a wanderer, I love getting lost. The way my heart beats when nothing around me