.p>"I promise this is about travel. Stick with me. Sophomore year at Bethune-Cookman, I was sitting

We walked down Cora Berliner Strasse, hungry. It was a Sunday with a sky I felt

A truth up front: as I counted down the days to Cabo San Lucas, I became

I landed in Dubai 8 full days earlier than my best friend. It was the holiday

“How are you traveling so much? You must have a lot of money to waste!” “Sit down

Like Daddy Fat Sacks, I’d just puffed a whole order of that Presidential, my heart was

1. Never allow space for negativity - again. Ever. If you’ve traveled with others as often as

I decided on a solo Europe trip because I wanted to do what I CAN’T call

I felt the kind of connection to South Africa no one should feel when they are