“I lust for adventure.” These four words invaded my mind as I gazed at the Instagram

While these are some of my favorite places in Johannesburg, it's important that I tell you

This Water Tells My Story from Darnell Lamont Walker on Vimeo. The cruise to Cozumel, Honduras,

As a wanderer, I love getting lost. The way my heart beats when nothing around me

I’m sitting in the hostel lobby, knowing if I had a bigger, thicker coat, I’d hit

A bad play on words, I’m aware. But wow! No way this city is this amazing.

First giving all honor and glory to whoever and whatever caused the glitch in the system

The Thing About Flying Standby. Patience, as the cliché goes, is a virtue. Get to the airport

“I told you so,” is all that came out, though I kinda wanted to say something