5 grown people. 1 alarm no one heard. And a bus that would undoubtedly pull out

We spent day two at sea, and while I loved it, hoping to see whales, dolphins,

I met a few locals against better advice due to some folks visiting the city and

Things To Remember: 1. Someone in McDonalds will speak English 2. Pret A Manger, Starbucks, McDonalds have free

I was standing in the hostel hallway in Elephant and Castle and a south Englander asked

“I just landed in Europe, *****. Shopping bags, I’m a tourist, *****. Money talks, I speak

Hostels: I highly recommend hostels. They are great ways to meet others who are traveling the world.

12 hour in Moscow without being able to escape the airport was enough. There aren’t enough

I once ended up in Idaho by mistake. Looking for something to eat, and BAM, “Welcome