A Trip For You

Let me plan your secret or not-so-secret for you.

More and more folks are beginning to strap on their Big Boots and venture out into the world. It’s exciting, bold, fun, and quite amazing! Surprisingly, the resorts, luxury hotels, tourist traps, and cliché viewpoints are becoming less and less desirable, and true adventure is being sought! Woohoo! This makes me happy because it means folks really want to open themselves up to the world and see what enters. This movement gives me the opportunity to send folks out there only to return with stories and unforgettable memories.

“The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.” – G.K. Chesterton

You want me to coordinate this trip for you because you want the adventure and you want the price! I will help you plan that unforgettable getaway adventure you’ve been thinking about since reading Huck Finn. Again, this is not the luxury, boring travel your friends are doing in the Dominican Republic. This is living! I do the work and you show up ready for the adventure.


Q: What kind of people do you not want to work with?
A: People who only want half an adventure. Those who want the mystery, but also want the 5 star lodging. Those people.

Q: Will I have any say so in the destination?
A: Absolutely. It will only be a secret destinations if you want it to be, and I won’t send you someplace you’ve been or someplace you’d hate.

Q: How much would the trip cost?
A: I will do my best to keep each trip at $925 and below per person. But let me hear about your dream trip and I can give you a better estimate right away.

Imagine what could happen when you’re open. Dinner with local farm owners in the South of France. Running through the tulip fields with new friends in the Netherlands. Playing new instruments in the back of a market shop in Marrakech.

A Schedule?:
No, we hate schedules. Schedules keep you from hopping in the van with the strangers you meet at the bazaar and making your way to the Blue City. But we will provide you with a dope list of things to do, places to connect with people, and foods you must try before skipping town. So schedules? Nah. After all, we don’t want you setting your alarm if it’s not necessary, and we despise fluff. With us, you get nothing but the good stuff.

You and Us:
We ask all the important questions to understand who we’re planning for. What are your passions? Your interests? Any allergies or dietary restrictions? Where in the world would you go if money was no object? And the rest!

In Short:
We promise you freedom from boredom!

Oh, You’re Here To See About A Free Trip?

Passport Required would love to send you on a free trip. See the world with some of the most amazing people you know without spending a dime. Yeah, it’s that simple. Is there a catch? Of course! But the catch is small and you’ll be glad you asked about it. So…Ask about it. Contact us with “Free Trip” in the subject line.

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