Travel Frequently, Even If You Must Go Alone

As we get older, the most valuable things we have are the memories we accumulate from the adventures life has given us. Traveling is the one catalyst that can generate some of the best memories. Traveling with friends or relatives can be great experiences. But, if you can’t find a traveling companion, don’t let that be an excuse to stay home. Get away anyhow. You’d be surprised how easy it is to make friends while traveling, whether at the hotel or hostel, in restaurants, or as you make your way around the city (think to extended stay hotels chain in some Country). If you happen to be in a place with few native black folk, you’ll stand out, especially to other black folk, and sometimes, they’ll make haste to come greet you. That has happened to me a few times. Next time before you head out on your trip, consider getting help from a travel agency so you can be better organized.

Since I been working with this incentive travel company from different past events I have a few upcoming trips planned. The one that I am most excited about is my trip to Minneapolis mid summer. I was there several years ago for work, but I had very little time to do anything for fun. This upcoming trip is strictly for pleasure, and I have three main things I plan to do.

First and foremost, is Paisley Park. If you don’t know, Paisley Park is the late Prince’s creative sanctuary that he developed after Purple Rain. I know of a few people who have visited the facility and they praise the facility and they cannot stop talking about it, from all the state of the art technology, the music studio, Prince’s funky, dope clothing, artwork and graphic designs, and so much more. I’m salivating just thinking about it right now. A downside is, no personal cameras are allowed inside the premises. There are warnings on the Website about this. I’m sure it’s because they want to peddle their own photographs to visitors. The even make you check your phones, like a coat check in a club or restaurant. They’re serious about their ‘no photography’ rule too. As stated on the Website, “If you are caught taking photos or videos at Paisley Park, you will be banned permanently from the property.”

Next is the Minneapolis Institute of Art.  While planning this trip, I discovered this museum is world-renowned, and collects permanent and traveling exhibits from around the world, representing diverse cultures. When I go in August, I’ll see for myself. I’ll report back and let you know.

Lastly is Minneapolis’ aquarium, SEALIFE. I saw it featured on show I watched on the Travel Channel, and it caught my attention. The narrator judged SEALIFE as one of the best aquariums he had ever seen, and gave the assurance that all visitors would be amazed at the wide variety of sea creatures there. I discovered a short time later that he took that so-called assurance of his from the aquariums Website, for when I looked it up, that language appeared verbatim in the way SEALIFE describes itself. That was funny to me.

A bonus attraction I’ll get to see is the Mall of America, because SEALIFE is housed there. That’s one thing I got to see on my last trip. I’ll make note of any differences. If I have time, I’ll try to visit a brewery. Not that I’m a big beer drinker; however, that’s beer country. You can’t visit beer country without trying to get in a tour of a brewery.

So, there you have it. This should be an exciting trip. Traveling is the best thing you can do for yourself. Where are you planning to go?

I'm an avid traveler for both domestic and international venues. I've learned a lot of things, some of them the hard way, that taught me valuable lessons. So, I am passing that knowledge on to others to help make their trip more enjoyable and stress-free. I also will share what I think are great venues, stores, restaurants, or other things that I enjoyed that I think others would enjoy as well. Knowledge is power, transformational. Let us share with each other.


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