Arriving in Zanzibar was unlike anything I had ever seen. The airport was so small I could see

12 Strangers + Destination: Unknown + Living Our Best Life = Passport Required. Come with me to

What could easily be a pickup line from the slightly above average man to the regular-degular

I watched a pickpocket work the crowd in the Champs-Élysées McDonalds in 2013, stealing watches, wallets,

Bring snacks This is absolutely essential. Before you leave town, stock up on easy-to-carry healthy(ish) emergency snacks.

Neither of us packed properly for early Spring in Marrakech, me in shorts and a thin

While these are some of my favorite places in Johannesburg, it's important that I tell you

Yes, Japan!!! and all of it! Well, not all, but most. For my end of the

Because there are some people who are okay with owning others and some who are okay