Join The Team

Passport Required is in search of dope, creative, and reliable folks to help carry this small piece of something into even greater corners of the world.

In 2018, we promise to eat more street meat, learn more great languages, and play King’s Cup with more wanderers in hostels. And now we’re looking for the following people to make that a reality


Passport Required is constantly on the lookout for travelers and soon-to-be travelers, domestic and abroad, near and far, to share their experiences with the world. I’m looking for those folks who want to write about the foods they found, the tips they jotted down in their notebooks, the crazy tour guide lady who made their time in London the greatest ever, the 100-foot jump from the bridge into the river, and the trip just 20 miles outside of town to try ice cream. I want you!

Motivated individuals only. It’s important that I find folks with high energy and a desire to take on this position. You are your own pusher.

How to become a writer for Passport Required:

1. Click Here To Contact Us. Subject: “Write For Passport Required.”
2. Include: Name (as you want it to appear), Three Ideas For Articles You’d Like To Write.
3. Think about your next trip while waiting for a response.

Social Media Manager

Manage social media marketing campaigns and day-to-day activities including developing relevant content topics to reach the company’s target customers, and creating, curating, and managing all published content. Ensure key information is distributed to our customers using a number of different tools and methods.

To set up a 3-day trial period, Click Here To Contact Us Subject Line: Social Media Manager Trial.

Traveler Recruiter

Go hunting for those dope explorers and true travelers who have stories worth sharing on and enlist them to write or be interviewed.

To Apply, Click Here To Contact Us Subject Line: Traveler Recruiter.

Trip Facilitator

Passport Required is looking for folks who’ve ignored their mama’s advice and talked to every stranger they’ve meet, hopped in white vans with people they barely know, and placed happiness above everything else.

Basically, we’re looking for folks to lead a few of our trips this year. Be engaging, spontaneous, and open-minded. Be dope!

To apply, send the following:
1. Myer Briggs Personality Assessment.
2. The dates you are you 100% able to lead.
3. 100 words or less on why you should be selected.

Click Here To Contact Us Subject Line: Trip Facilitator.

These are volunteer positions right now, but they come with dope travel benefits!