Johannesburg: Nom Nom + Chug Chug

While these are some of my favorite places in Johannesburg, it’s important that I tell you that customer service in South Africa is…well…hmm…lacking. Not everywhere, but in more places than not. So show up knowing this, and you shouldn’t have a problem. Although, most of these places are top notch when it comes to overall experience.


Pata Pata (Maboneng): 286 Fox St, Johannesburg, 2094, South Africa – The food is amazing, the service is sometimes slacking. It’s in the neighborhood.

Daleah’s (Braamfontein): 6 De Berrs St, Johannesburg, 2001, South Africa – Amazing food, cool spot, great neighborhood.

Saigon (Rivonia): Rivonia Rd. & 7th Ave, Rivonia. If you love pho as much as I do, I don’t need to explain this selection to you! Go!

Marble (Rosebank): 19 Keyes avenue, 3rd floor Trumpet Building, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196, South Africa – Good food, but kinda fancy. Think Ruth’s Chris kinda. Pricey a bit, too.

Che Argentina (Maboneng): 303 Fox St, Johannesburg, 2043 – Great steakhouse in the neighborhood.

James VIII (Maboneng): 300 Commissioner Street Corner Albrecht Street – One block from the residence. Amazing Ethiopian for the LOW!

News Cafe (Newtown): Newtown Mall, Johannesburg, 2001, South Africa – Best Chai Tea Latte in the world (according to me), and good food with a chill vibe. The menu is kinda like a TGIFriday, but a bit better. (also: Rosebank Location)

Mama Mexicana (Maboneng): 264 Fox St – in the neighborhood. Great margaritas and great food!

LA CAMEROUNAISE (Yeoville): 27 Rockey Street, Yeoville, Johannesburg – GREAT FISH! AND CHEAP! Very diverse African neighborhood (all nations represented). Some locals are weary of the area because of the diversity, but I love it and I love the fish and the vibe.

Blackanese (Maboneng): 20 Kruger St, Johannesburg, 2094 – In the neighborhood: Great Drinks (get the apricot, ginger jam jar), and the food is dope. The sushi is subpar, but everything else is great!

Salvation (Milpark): Good lunch food, a great little market vibe. Bookstore and other little shops also surround it.

Rockets (Parkhurst): 24, 4th Ave & 10th Street, Parkhurst. All my friends love this place when I bring them. The street is alive with a diverse crowd and the vibe is chill. The food gets no complaints.

Parkhurst has a strip of restaurants on 4th Avenue, starting at 6th St. and going up to 15th St. Go walk and choose. All are amazing!

BARS: Everything is cheap in SA, especially the drinks:

AGOG (Maboneng): 12 Lower Ross St. – Great food, great vibe, art gallery on the two middle floors, and a dope rooftop for sunset watching and just vibing. This is one of the dopest spots you won’t regret visiting. Mention my name.

Lenins (Maboneng): 300 Commissioner St, Johannesburg, 2043 – The The Neighborhood.

Kitcheners (Braamfontein): 71 Juta St, Johannesburg, 2000 – The music is always DOPE (african house), and the vibe is good.

Shakers (Maboneng): 300 Commissioner Street (Next to Lenins) – Dope DJ! Vibrant crowd, good drinks, and just one block away.

Great Dane (Braamfontein): Next to Kitcheners. Good vibe, dope crowd, dancing and all.

Living Room (Maboneng): 20 Kruger St, Johannesburg, 2094. A good rooftop crowd, great breeze, and very nice drinks

*Remember: the food here is much healthier. Eat to your heart’s delight*

Darnell Lamont Walker, a self-professed traveling foodie, has been found sitting at tables eating baby goat sweetbreads, drinking tequila, and laughing loudly with strangers. The writer, filmmaker, artist, and sometimes photographer puts happiness above all.