The Free Trip

Passport Required is all about going into the unknown and
experiencing whatever meets us while there.

In the last two years, we’ve gone to over 30
world locations, connected with over 2,000 strangers-turned-friends, danced in 13 rain showers, and eaten guinea pigs, baby goat pancreas, cow brains, and chicken wings. As we move into our fourth year, we’re doing all we can to make sure others experience the joys we have. After all, Passport Required adventures are forms of care.

How These Trips Work

You’re here because you know how exciting these trips could be and you’re ready to go into the world with some of your closest friends and family and do strange things! And we’re here to make sure it happens. So, how does it work? Pretty much the same as our regular trips…and surely you’ve read those FAQ’s. If not, please go do so.

  1. Fill Out The Application.
  2. We Set Up Your Signup Page.
  3. You Send It To Your Friends To Collect Their Deposit.
  4. We All Become Friends.
  5. You Have The Time Of Your Life Somewhere Out There!

These trips will work the same way our other trips work, except this is your trip! You will be the leader, kind of. But it’ll feel like vacation for you all. And we’ll make sure of that by doing all the work. Basically, you’re the lucky one here!

Q. Where Are We Going?

A. Destination: Unknown. You will know 5 days before departure.

Q. How Much Are These Trips?

A. $1025 Per Person (Flight & Lodging Included)

Q. Are Deposits Refundable?

A. No.

Q. Do We All Need To Leave From The Same Airport?

A. It’s Not A Requirement, But Let’s Talk About That. 

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