The Free Trip

Passport Required, as you already know (at least I hope
you know) is all about going into the unknown and experiencing whatever meets us out there.

In the last two years, we’ve gone to over 30
world locations, connected with over 2,000 strangers-turned-friends, danced in 13 rain showers, and eaten guinea pigs, baby goat pancreas, cow brains, and chicken wings. As we are well into our third year, we’re doing all we can to make sure others experience the joys we have. After all, Passport Required adventures are forms of care.

Need To Know Information

1. WHEN: You and I will work this out.

2. WHO: You and at least 3 friends, co-workers, lovers, enemies, acquaintances, or whoever to go with you.

3. WHERE: Because you’re on this site, I know you know that all destinations are a secret! But it’ll be a happy place. And here’s a hint: your passport will be required.

4. WHAT: Ad-freaking-venture! Passport Required sends you home with more than just photos and Instagram likes. We’re about leaving no room for regret in your carry-on.

5. WHY: Why not?

6. COST: Free for you! For your guests? Passport Required trips are no more than $925 and we do offer payment plans to make it easier and to get more people out there!

This is not for you if:

A. Dancing in the rain sounds like a horrible idea because you just absolutely can’t get your hair or your shoes wet.

B. Your world falls apart, unable to be put back together, at the first sign of change.

C. Negativity is a close friend and positivity seems unrealistic.

D. You don’t want to hear the wolf cry through the blue corn moon or paint with all the colors of the wind.

Still interested? Good!

How do we begin?

Apply Here