Airport Parking

Sidenote: I’ve been doing this for years.

You bought a one-way ticket, landed at the airport, grabbed your three bags, and made your way to the Rent-A-Car counter and was told you aren’t able to rent the car because you need proof that you’re actually gonna be leaving the city and bringing the car back. So now you’re assed out, trying to figure out which friend will be kind enough to make the 57-mile journey to scoop you at Arrivals, on the other hand if you are planning to left your personal vehicle on your return location you probably don’t want to left it alone and unsecured for a long period, wellington airport car parking can help you with this.

Or, you can take advantage of the American Airline Ticket Hold feature. Basically, the ticket hold option allows you to book a flight (must be at least 7 days away) but pay up to 24 hours later. You can hop online while at the counter, hold a ticket, get a confirmation number, show the car rental agent, and get your car.

Oh, but 7 days is too far in advance? Well, if you call American Airline, the representative can and will hold the ticket for you for 2 hours for a same day or next day flight. BAM! Get your classic car here!

Check out their site for more information on holding the ticket. Take advantage before they read this and shut it down!
Or have Hoke (or Uber) drive you around, charging you too much money per mile.

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